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Without voting rights, there is no democracy. Maryland should be proud of our work to restore and expand these rights. Yet, around the country, politicians are working to undermine rights that should be guaranteed to everyone. At a time when our democracy is subject to false claims of election fraud by a former President and state election fallacies are spearheaded by right-wing hardliners, we need elected officials who will act to defend the civil liberties of all of our citizens.

Voting rights are even more crucial because of the leaked Dobbs v. Mississippi opinion from the Supreme Court, which would overturn Roe v. Wade and give States the authority to deny reproductive rights to millions of Americans. These rights control the power to elect representatives who promise to protect reproductive justice in state assemblies. We need to be able to elect U.S. Senators that enforce a more thorough background check of Supreme Court nominees to ensure they will vote to protect our personal freedoms. Privacy rights, contraception rights, and LGBTQ rights all face a sudden loss of constitutional protection, should this historic piece of legislature be overturned.

That is why Marylanders need an Attorney General who has spent her entire career as an advocate for the people. This issue requires tenacious commitment to justice and skilled legal strategizing.

As Attorney General I will:

  • Work to expand voting rights in Maryland
  • Join other attorneys general to advocate in federal court
  • Protect voting rights to defend endangered constitutional freedoms

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