Reproductive Rights

We live in a moment of profound uncertainty regarding the future of reproductive rights. A flood of state laws across the country have created a functional barrier to abortion. Since 2021, over 600 abortion restrictions have been introduced in state legislatures and 90 have been enacted, including “bounty” style laws, in the model of Mississippi’s or Texas’ S.B.8. The United States Supreme Court, with its three Trump appointees, is currently considering arguments in two cases to overturn Roe v. Wade after 49 years.

This is a direct attack on Marylanders’ human rights. As Maryland’s Attorney General, I will ensure our laws provide access to affordable contraception and protect a person’s right to choose.

As Attorney General I will:

  • File Lawsuits and Amicus Briefs to Defend the Right to Reproductive Healthcare

  • Advocate for the Adoption of a State Constitutional Amendment to Guarantee Abortion Rights

  • Expand Reproductive Rights Access

  • Ensure Reproductive Healthcare as an Important Tool to Help End Intimate Partner Violence in Maryland

  • Protect Title X Funding

  • Advocate for Paid Family Leave

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