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As Maryland’s next Attorney General, I am committed to doing everything in my power to take on corporations and individuals that threaten Marylanders’ economic liberties. My thirty years of legal experience makes me the most qualified candidate to take on these issues to protect Maryland consumers and promote a competitive economy for our state’s businesses.

To protect our state’s consumers, I will launch investigations of privately owned COVID-19 testing companies that have taken advantage of Marylanders throughout the pandemic as well as corporations that have defrauded our senior citizens for years. I will also join multistate lawsuits against predatory student loan servicing companies. I will advocate for expansive economic justice initiatives like exploring universal healthcare in Maryland and calling on President Biden to cancel student loan debt.

Additionally, I will use the office’s broad authority to file lawsuits against individuals and corporations that have deprived Marylanders of the benefits that flow from a competitive economy. I will launch investigations and join multistate lawsuits against big tech and big ag companies to stamp out misinformation campaigns that threaten the integrity of our elections and deprive Maryland farmers of their individual freedoms.

My experience as Chief of the Economic Crimes Division in the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office offers Marylanders the legal expertise they deserve in an Attorney General and makes me the only candidate with the background necessary to bring such investigations and lawsuits.

As Attorney General I will:

  • Increase the enforcement of antitrust laws to protect Maryland’s economy and health.
  • Challenge anticompetitive mergers.
  • Advocate for stronger laws to adequately rein in anticompetitive conduct and illegal business practices.
  • Protect Maryland consumers from corporations engaging in unfair and deceptive business practices, such as predatory student loan lending and privacy abuses of tech companies.
  • Urge President Biden to forgive student loan debt.
  • Prosecute COVID-19 related fraud.
  • Support a commission to explore universal healthcare in Maryland.
  • Protect the housing rights of every Marylander.

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