IssuesProtecting Unions
& Workers

As your Attorney General, I will ensure my office aggressively protects our state’s workers both in the public and private sectors. Maryland needs an Attorney General who will bring lawsuits against employers engaging in unethical or illegal business practices which deprive workers of wages in favor of profit. There is no silver bullet in enforcement. What makes a difference is tenacious and transparent monitoring and enforcement of existing laws.

Every worker should have the right to organize and negotiate on a level playing field with their employers for fair wages, working conditions, and career advancement. I oppose any effort to weaken or disrupt public and private workers’ right to organize. I will aggressively prosecute corporations when they violate workers’ rights and ensure wage and labor laws are enforced. A strong and protected working class will result in better schools, healthier families, and more opportunities for all Marylanders.

As Attorney General I will:

  • Fight for the right of workers to collectively bargain.
  • Establish a Worker Protection Unit dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and investigating wrongdoing by employers.
  • Prosecute wage theft to ensure that workers are prioritized over corporate profits.
  • Ensure safe and fair 21st Century workplaces, including bringing worker protections to those participating in the gig economy.
  • Hold quarterly meetings with labor advocates.

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