IssuesAdvancing Climate & Environmental Justice

Marylanders are seeing the real cost of climate change. This includes storm damage on the Eastern Shore, historic flooding in Ellicott City and other parts of the state and increasing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Maryland has 3,100 miles of shoreline, making it one of the most vulnerable states in the nation to sea level rise. Without immediate action, Marylanders will only experience more intense effects of climate change.

This is an unacceptable burden to leave our children and grandchildren. Some of my fondest memories as a girl and happiest days as a mom have been enjoying the Chesapeake Bay and our state’s natural beauty with my family. My hope is that my kids will be able to enjoy Maryland with their children the way I did with them.

The office of Attorney General is equipped with expansive powers to investigate and prosecute criminal environmental violations. I will ensure that environmental protection and corporate accountability are pursued.

As Attorney General I will:

  • Work tirelessly to ensure the protection of the environment and public health for all Maryland citizens, especially those who have been historically subject to disproportionate levels of pollution.
  • Ensure that Maryland meets and exceeds its requirements for reducing carbon emissions and taking necessary actions to adapt to the consequences of climate change.
  • Create an Attorney General’s Report Card for the Chesapeake Bay to track progress and actions required under the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint.
  • Protect our drinking water supplies throughout Maryland through advocacy and legal action against the threat of lead poisoning or other contamination due to poorly maintained and failing water systems.
  • Protect Maryland’s public lands and natural resources including fish and wildlife for the benefit of current and future Marylanders.
  • Fight to advance Maryland’s Oyster Aquaculture Efforts and the restoration of the Oyster population across the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Defend and advocate for Program Open Space, Farm Preservation, and Smart Growth Development Policies that safeguard the health of Maryland for future generations.

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