IssuesEnding the Domestic Violence Crisis

Currently, Maryland is experiencing the worst spike in domestic violence in our lifetimes. A Frontline report found that Maryland experienced a 93% increase in domestic-violence-related shooting deaths in 2020. In 2021, violent domestic crime in Baltimore alone rose 31%. One in three American women and one in four American men will experience physical violence, sexual violence, or stalking victimization by an intimate partner in their lifetimes. Nationally, for the first time ever, homicide is the top cause of maternal death.

For 20 years as a judge in Baltimore, I advocated for domestic violence reform. I heard criminal and civil domestic violence cases and volunteered to travel around the country to teach other judges about how they can handle domestic violence cases in an effective and protective manner. Attorney General Brian Frosh made crusading for victims of domestic violence a cornerstone of his service and I am committed to following in the model Attorney General Frosh set. It is critical that the state’s top legal officer understands that domestic violence is a pervasive threat to our communities, and I will use the office’s bully pulpit to call attention to this danger.

As Attorney General I will:

  • Ensuring Victims Services are Accessible for All Marylanders

  • Reform Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Laws to Protect Victims

  • Expand Domestic Violence Prevention Programs

  • Reduce the Untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Backlog

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